Horizon, liftoff

TL/DR: Backdrop and Seed Club are excited to launch Horizon. SeedClub ecosystem members ($CLUB and alumni token holders) can mint a free early Access Card here.

Empowered communities can move mountains. We all want to participate in projects where we are true owners, and can create something great, together. This is the heart of web3, but so far it has been extremely hard to pull off — we need better, simpler ways for people to rally around pivotal moments as they bring new ideas to life, while building true ownership in that process.

Helping bring the next million community-powered ideas to life is a mission both Seed Club and Backdrop have been working towards — Seed Club by curating a network of the best projects, operators, and builders in web3, and Backdrop by building products that make it easier for anyone to participate and be true owners in communities they love. That’s why we’ve teamed up to launch Horizon, a network for people to discover, support and build ownership in new projects as they launch their latest experiments and rally support from their community.

Horizon pushes NFTs and NTTs (non-transferable tokens) in new directions, inspired by our experience working with successful web3 projects and communities. It creates a richer on-chain representation of contributions and moments in time within a community, allowing that data to flow into more valuable applications and tools down the line. We believe capturing critical early support in a fully composable way on-chain is what is best for people, projects, and our network, and we plan to continue building powerful new primitives on that thesis.

In September, we’ll launch our private Beta for Horizon, focusing first on the Seed Club ecosystem. We're working hand in hand with Seed Club's accelerator and alumni teams to onboard projects on Horizon. We're also very excited to open up an early bird sign up for people in the Seed Club ecosystem to join the network first ― check if you're eligible and mint a free non-transferrable early Access Card here.

This private Beta is just the beginning. We're committed to making Horizon an open, inclusive, community-owned network. Just like other projects on Horizon, we are building ways for more projects and people to get involved in our own community from day one. Find us on Twitter for more updates or to reach out as we go!


How can I sign up for Horizon’s beta?

You can sign up by minting an Access Card here. To be eligible to mint today, you need to have held tokens from one of Seed Club's ecosystem projects ($CLUB, $FF, $CABIN, $JUMP, $KRAUSE, etc - if you have issues or questions, reach out!) at August 10th 2022 12:37 CEST. We're limiting access now to ensure the highest quality and faster feedback loops from participation in the early network. We will continue to broaden access and will announce ways for more people to join soon.

Can I join Horizon’s Beta as a project?

The projects in the initial Beta will be Seed Club accelerator and alumni projects — if you’re in that group, stay tuned for more info. To apply to the accelerator, go to accelerator.seedclub.xyz. Ultimately, we want Horizon to be a fully open network, and as with individuals we’ll announce how we’re moving towards that place soon. Follow along on Twitter or feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in participating as a project as we open the network further down the line.

How does Horizon strengthen Seed Club's Accelerator network?

Horizon is a complementary tool to Seed Club’s existing accelerator, enabling accelerator and alumni projects to build momentum for key milestones, both from the Seed Club community and — as we gradually open up the network — from a wider audience of awesome people. Our hope is that Horizon can also help Seed Club and other communities support projects outside of the current accelerator, especially at even earlier stages.

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